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About us

When we list a property on to our portfolio we always ask for a copy of the deeds for the property and have a copy on file in our office as soon as possible, in the case of country properties, farms and estates with larger amounts of land we have a detailed file of all land included in the sale, what crops are grown there and the nature of the terrain.

If and when you decide to go ahead with a purchase we will liaise between you and the seller until a satisfactory agreement is negotiated. We will then proceed to explain the whole buying process and advise you on bank accounts, wire transfers and NIE numbers etc.

We always recommend the services of a lawyer.

Your appointed lawyer will assist you through the legal process of buying your property. We will advise you throughout the following weeks of progress and inform you at each milestone; property checks, contract signing, contract posting, deposit payments and notary appointments. We will accompany you to the Notaries office at the time of completion and witness the hand over of final payment and delivery of the keys to your new property.

It is our aim to make your property purchase a trouble and stress free experience and we look forward to being able to continue helping more people realise their dream of home ownership here in this most beautiful region of Spain.

The prices listed on our website include our commissions.

Unlike many agents we have no hidden prices our commission structure is as follows:-

3% commission on all sales and a minimum commission fee of 3000€

We are committed to offering the friendliest and most professional service in the region and will be happy to discuss exactly what you can expect us to do for you throughout your property purchase.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us to find out how Sunshine Property S.L. can make your dream of a home in this beautiful region come true.




 TEL/FAX: (+34) 958 850 456 MOB: (+34) 61 84 53 041   EMAIL: INFO@SUNSHINE-PROPERTY.COM

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