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By clicking on one of the following links below, you will be able to view a map showing you where Granada province is in relation to the whole of Spain, where we are within Andalucía and even where Cádiar town is and how to get there by road.

These maps were designed for those currently unfamiliar with the Alpujarras and Andalucía as a whole and they are intended for general information only and have been simplified. There are many small villages and hamlets throughout the Alpujarras not shown here.

The area is much more accessible now with the budget airlines flying regularly to Granada and Almeria from many UK towns and cities. Both airports are about 90 minutes drive from Cadiar.The airport at Malaga is approximately 2 1/2 hours driving time.

The maps will each appear in a separate browser window and some are of necessity are quite large and so may take a short time to download, please be patient. You will also be able to print them for future reference but please ensure that your printer settings will place the images correctly on the page.

The first map shows the whole of Spain and the location of Andalucía.
To view this map <<click here>>

The second map shows Andalucía and Granada province and the location of Cádiar.
To view this map   <<click here>>

This third map shows Cádiar, other villages of the Alpujarras and the main roads to the area.
To view this map  <<click here>>

Finally this is a street map of Cádiar with all of its local amenities and facilities indicated.
To view this map  <<click here>>




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